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6b Jachowicza Street
39-400 Tarnobrzeg

Metal-Gum SM Ltd produces and sells:

  • production and assembly of crate cleaners,
  • production and assembly of frameless sieves in terms of surface water,
  • replacement parts for pumps,
  • self-cleaning filters in overcurrent and countercurrent system ,
  • rubber clutches and elastomer for pumps and fans,
  • elastomeric bearings for pumps (different types),
  • plain bearings with elastomer lining,
  • coupling pins (various shapes and sizes),
  • tumble veneers for belt conveyors,
  • gaskets in various shapes for water valves,
  • complete rubber pins as a caps to the droplet separators,
  • rubber parts for conveyor rollers,
  • rubber aprons of the thresholds accumulations,
  • steel-rubber elements for containers,
  • toothed belts and steel - rubber for scraping the sludge
    in septic horizontal processes of water cleaning,
  • rubber bumpers and doorstops,
  • scrapers to TAPROGE filters.

We possess our own notification patents as well as restrictions on:

  • crate cleaners,
  • frameless rotary strainers,
  • anti-skid devices,
  • cogged belts to frameless rotatory strainers,
  • pipe filters (as a pump security).

We are partner of "BELSE" Ltd Bielsko - Biała, Poland.

We services based on Belzona company materials:

  • reconstruction of concrete elements,
  • anti-corrosion protection,
  • compensators regeneration.

We also implementing unusual items and services for vulcanization of rubber,
connectors for hot and cold on conveyor belts.

We provide our own transport throughout the country.

Sample projects:

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